Mäkipelto Artists Residency


Residencies are offered in two sleeping houses (aitta) in sizes 6m2 and 9m2. Both aittas have rudimentary cooking possibilities, electricity and a writing desk. It is possible to work in the aitta, or take over the studio in the cow house or the workshop in our neighbour’s garage. The premises are not fully renovated, but tools are aplenty, as well as historical building materials for re-use purposes.

The year 2016 marks the opening of the artist residency. During Summer the first resident artist, Yala Juchmann, joins the residency. During Summer we’re renovating the old farm houses into portable studio spaces. Exhibitions will be produced Summer 2017, but interested parties with longing for silence and physical work may contact us +358440606836 (Jyrki) tai trtrjyrki@gmail.com.

Helping out is possible by joining the Culture Association Mäki, pelto ja metsä ry and paying your yearly subscription for 10€..


Yala Juchmann (DE)
Yala portf

For me working with photography means searching for edges and showing limitations. I am interested in the out of focus area, in which historical, technical and phenomenological characteristics of photography collapse. But this collapse actually means space for something else. The view opens up: What are these conditions, which make different qualities become something we call ‘photography’.


My method accords an experiment: On the one hand I am trying to give ‘nature’-as a chaotic and accidental combination of light and time-space. On the other hand, the frame conditions and my intervention are of existential importance to keep my artistic subjectivity. I made the earth, in the series ‘elysian fields’, to become the cameras body through which the light would have to find its way. I expose the light sensitive material to these conditions and the interference of place and light (coincidence) would make the composition. In the series ‘fragments’ the classic rectangle picture frame dissolves through an intentional cut. These motives are photograms of paper and foil arrangements. For me the analogue photography is the material between forces of the outside world and my manipulating intervention.


The Strings Attached Society is a settlement project, seen as the first step of realising an Open air Exhibition space in the forest of Veeranrinne, Finland.

Everything made in the world has a reference. Our actions are made through connections. Being connected with oneself, your surroundings, or other places makes the essence of being. In Strings Attached Society, those connections are materialised through strings, forming a visual network of vibrating information.

Through this materialization it will be possible to look at and research the effects of communication within a society, and see how much we build our lives around that communication.